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Environmental education center in Ikaria Island, Greece
Environmental education center in Ikaria Island - C. Angelopoulos | Architect Engineer | CVIEW architecture


Project description: Thesis work. Schoold of Architecture, National Technical university of Athens (NTUA)

The scope of this study is the design of an environmental education center in the island of Icaria. The general intention was to search for the synthesis of a construction model whose implementation, life-time operation and decommissioning, would have minimum impact to the environment. Design considerations have been implemented in order to facilitate the establishment of a vibrant social core for information exchange and experiential approach to environmental education. The building’s requirements program consist of a library, two workshops (viticulture and handicraft), a research laboratory, a trade spare room with storage and a cafeteria. Other core functions will include interactive learning and hands on experience with various environmental projects such as small systems for the use of renewable energy sources, or others where users will have the opportunity to engage in rural activities (permaculture, etc.). During the design process, special emphasis was given on combining traditional construction methods, with modern knowledge on load bearing masonry buildings by stone and adobe. Additional considerations were made for the building's integration with the unique and unusual architectural style of Icaria and the natural embossed terrain. Although design decisions have often been made with regard to the geography and local architecture of the site, some features like the stone-adobe building model that is being described in detail, are flexible enough to be reimplemented in similar projects regardless of geography.

Additionally, during my thesis I have published another study titled "C. Angelopoulos - A systematical approach in the tests and techniques of earth building" (in Greek). (link)

Date: (5/2012)

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