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Sustainable Boarding School in Malawi, Africa
Sustainable boarding school in Africa - C. Angelopoulos | Architect Engineer | CVIEW architecture

Location: Malawi, Africa
Project description: The scope of this project is the design of a sustainable primary school campus for 720 students in Malawi, Africa. The eco-friendly school includes housing and dining accommodation for 720 students and 100 adults (employees and visitors), buildings for athletic and entertainment facilities,
as well as fields with edible crops. The lot is orientated north-south and has a slight natural slope from north-west down to south-east. Some of the main goals of the design are the creation of a campus that consists of small scale buildings made out of locally available natural material, the implementation of simplified building methods and the integration of water harvesting system and fields for agriculture to provide water and food sufficiency for the residents of the campus. The campus is developed around a spiral pattern. The circulation is taking place on main and secondary spiral and arch segments (streets, mild traffic streets, and walkways) that connect the facilities of the campus in various ways. The man-made lake for water harvesting and the social-meeting places and facilities are located in the center of the campus. The location and the entrances of the meeting and gathering places are designed to encourage interaction. The lake is in direct contact with the fields at the south, providing irrigation to the plantations. The housing and dining accommodation facilities are placed at the west and north west sides. The location offers privacy and direct access to the exterior of the campus. The educational facilities are placed closer to the social, at the east side.
Gross floor area: 1.800.000 m2
Type: Under development
Date: (2017)

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